The BLF has Money to Burn

November 8th, 2008by MiltonRandKalman

Money to Burn

The Billboard Liberation Front has teamed up the Wachovia Bank and the Treasury Department to bring you a new stimulus package for the long cold recession ahead, Money to Burn

Billboard Liberation Front attending Takeovers and Makeovers

November 7th, 2008by MiltonRandKalman

The Billboard Liberation Front will be making an academic appearance at UC Berkeley’s Art Museum for Takeovers and Makeovers. The talk at 2:15 on Saturday the 8th, will feature founder Jack Napier, Chief Scientist Milton Rand Kalman and Ehrich Weiss, Chief Disinformation Architect. As long as there are no questions about the Situationists and no one ask what we really think of AdBusters magazine, everything should go smooth.