Billboard Liberation Front

The BLF has Money to Burn

November 8th, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman

Money to Burn

The Billboard Liberation Front has teamed up the Wachovia Bank and the Treasury Department to bring you a new stimulus package for the long cold recession ahead, Money to Burn

Billboard Liberation Front attending Takeovers and Makeovers

November 7th, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman

The Billboard Liberation Front will be making an academic appearance at UC Berkeley’s Art Museum for Takeovers and Makeovers. The talk at 2:15 on Saturday the 8th, will feature founder Jack Napier, Chief Scientist Milton Rand Kalman and Ehrich Weiss, Chief Disinformation Architect. As long as there are no questions about the Situationists and no one ask what we really think of AdBusters magazine, everything should go smooth.

Australian Billboard Liberation Sleeper Cell Strikes

September 29th, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman

Australia before

Australia after

A small group of people from the outskirts of Sydney Australia, lead by an newly inspired billboard liberator, has recently formed with the intention to help the public question the use of advertising in public spaces.

The group’s leader, Robert Brown told us of the motivation of the group, free street art. “It is our belief that public art should not be illegal and forced to stay behind gallery doors, but it should be displayed in public spaces and used as a method to encourage people to question the society they reside and it’s morals.”

Discussing recent activity Brown stated that “After several successful postings on a local church billboard questioning their message of heaven or hell. A decision was made that a bigger audience with a larger target was required.”

When asked about the latest billboard Brown commented, “After seeing a billboard with such an open and inviting message, it was only a matter of time before we improved it.”

Why use the Prime Minister as the victim?
“The selection of the victim was a grueling process, as it was difficult to choose a person who will annoy a lot of people, while also bring great satisfaction to many others. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was used as he was currently receiving a lot of media attention for going to New York, to discuss the financial crisis. We also wanted to make it clear that our organisation will not withhold from questioning any form of society no matter how they are perceived in society.” Robert Brown.

What Moral is your work questioning?
“This particular work is of more interpretive nature, and is aimed at helping the public see the lighter side of politics, and to remove themselves from a stance of love or hate towards their country’s political leader, but a feeling of respect, which will help us to become a more tolerable country.” Brown.

Is there any future activities planned for the group?

“Yes. The group is constantly working on smaller projects, but future large scale activities will be focused on the use of billboards for alcohol advertisement, which we find quite contradictory with governmental interventions for this country’s aboriginal populations in central Australia.”

BLF, Monchrom Erect Great Firewall of China at Google

May 15th, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman

For Immediate Release

The Billboard Liberation Front partners with monochrom to erect the Great Firewall of China on Google’s Mountain View campus.

As shareholders at Google’s annual convention were counting their well earned dividends, America’s premier billboard improvement corporation, Billboard Liberation Front, assisted the Austrian arts collective monochrom in a monumental advertising coup designed to celebrate Google’s online partnership with the Peoples Republic of China.

China’s heroic effort to protect their enormous internet market (162 million!) from an overload of useless information includes a moratorium on abrasive, ugly, and thoroughly misleading concepts such as truth. China’s Internet “Cultural Revolution” is made possible through support from America’s most leviathanesque behemoth, Google Inc. ‘Don’t be evil’ says Google’s PR department!

During Dr. Eric Schmidt’s keynote address on China, BLF and monochrom agents worked feverishly to improve signs on Google’s campus.

Monchrom and BLF suit up

Fence being moved into position

Photo credit: Jake Appelbaum

BoingBoingTV coverage
KGO coverage {ABC affiliate}
Pictures from monochrom

monochrom came to the USA to promote a singular concept called Sculpture Mobs.

“No one is safe from public sculptures, those endless atrocities!” explained Johannes Grenzfurthner, “All of them labeled ‘art in public space’. Unchallenging hunks of aesthetic metal in business parks, roundabouts, in shopping malls! It is time to create DIY public art! Get your hammers! Get your welding equipment!”

At the Maker Faire in San Mateo earlier this month, Johannes and accomplice Daniel Fabry trained attendees to erect public sculptures in a simulated Wal-Mart parking lot in just 5 minutes before “security” was called. Google and the PRC proved to be the ideal test case clients for this new advertising improvement technique.

Said Grenzfurthner, “We needed to maintain a low standard of political metaphor to give American citizens a chance to understand it. From an aesthetic perspective, The Great Firewall is radically mediocre. In the end, China’s stoic indifference to Western art insanity is quite impressive.”

As BLF CIO (Blank) DeCoverly pointed out in his power point presentation, “My god they are so lucky, the Chinese masses not having to grapple with the incessant flood of information. The veritable ‘Tower of Babble’ we Americans and to a lesser extent our European cousins have to digest from our

  • iPods
  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • PDFs
  • Each and every day”

    “The truth is a bummer,” agreed BLF CEO Jack Napier, “it’s confusing, and they’re damn lucky Google has such a lovingly orchestrated filter to shelter them from it.”

    The BLF ( has been improving outdoor advertising since 1977. Prior campaigns have included work for Exxon, R.J. Reynolds, General Motors, Revlon and Apple Computers. monochrom ( is an Austrian based worldwide collective dealing with technology, art, context hacking and philosophy since 1993. Some of them are afraid of skin cancer.

    BLF Flees the United States

    March 3rd, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman

    After the widely successful ATT/NSA ad campaign, the Billboard Liberation Front has decided to temporarily relocate to safehouses on the European continent.

    “Ever since the cable guy came to fix my box, I keep hearing a clicking sound on my phone. Since when does cable repairmen wear dark suits and sunglasses? I think this would be a good time to get the hell out of Dodge.”, noted BLF spokesperson Blank DeCoverly.

    Some of the BLF members simply wanted to get away from the constant praise and adulations from government officials over the high-visibility of the ad campaign.

    “I have 10 missed calls from Linda Tripp. She must be a huge fan.”, stated BLF Chief Scientist Milton Rand Kalman

    In order to get away from the media attention and stardom the Billboard Liberation Front is heading to Ghent, Belgium to speak at Vooruit’s The Game is Up art conference on March 8th, also attending is our spiritual leader Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.

    For an eleven-day period, Vooruit will offer a platform to artists who study the relationship between art and consumerism. From performers questioning their attitude towards show business to musicians committing commercial suicide and media artists embracing market principles.

    When asked if speaking at an art conference in the middle of Belgium was the best response to the Current Situation, the BLF’s Ehrich Weiss replied.

    If we’re not careful, our group’s reputation as a haven for subversive geniuses is going to be publicly overtaken by the reality that all we are is extremely creative alcoholics. Do you really want the truth to come out?

    Video of the AT&T/NSA Improvement

    February 28th, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman

    courtesy of Iov de Beholther

    The BLF Strike!

    February 28th, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman


    The Billboard Liberation Front today announced a major new advertising improvement campaign executed on behalf of clients AT&T and the National Security Agency. Focusing on billboards in the San Francisco area, this improvement action is designed to promote and celebrate the innovative collaboration of these two global communications giants.

    Press Release

    Answering Our Prayers

    February 27th, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman


    For a billboard liberator, sometimes that one great billboard comes along once every 10 years…that just cries out help. This is one such billboard. A Holy Grail of billboards. Even the back story is inspirational; A church in Tampa, FL has issued a 30-day sex challenge: If you’re married, have sex every day. If you’re not married, don’t have sex at all.

    YBOR CITY, Florida (AP) — A southwest Florida church issued a challenge for its married members: Hanky panky every day.
    Relevant Church head pastor Paul Wirth issued the 30-day sex challenge to take on high divorce rates. “And that’s no different for people who attend church,” Wirth said Sunday. “Sometimes life gets in the way. Our jobs get in the way.” The challenge doesn’t extend to unwed congregants, however.

    Married folks get thirty days of ‘Hanky-Panky’ (I prefer the term ‘crime scene investigation’), and month-long ‘Wanky-Panky’ for the single folks.

    If any of our readers are in Florida, please do us proud.

    The Spanish BLF Strike! Olè!

    February 2nd, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman

    I received a communique through diplomatic channels from our Spanish operatives. The improved the message of the official radio station of the Catholic Church. Well done, sir!

    Photo and communique follows


    Hi mates,
    The COPE is the Catholic Church Official Radio Station. As we have a progressive government, they try to remark their freedom of speech with billboards which say ‘SOMOS LIBRES’ (english ‘WE ARE FREE’). These billboards are specially offensive for those that are being attacked publicly (thru radio waves) for deffending Muslims’ rights or methods of birth control such as condoms. So some members of the recently founded Iniciativa Illuminati decided to liberate this particular bill (Industry Street, Avilés, Asturias, Spain) by simply drawing, cutting out, sticking and varnish grey cards (letters) to it. We added ‘vosotros no’ (english ‘you aren’t'). So now you can read:

    you aren’t COPE

    My name is M. DeRosi, Illuminati Initiative spokesman

    Difibulator? Can I get fries with that?

    February 2nd, 2008 by MiltonRandKalman

    A sleeper cell in London, Ontario, Canada has sent this improvement to us. Deftly pointing out the horrors of American fast food, this from the country that created poutine.


    There press release as follows:

    Last night at approximately 1:30 AM, a collective of
    London activists executed a brilliant billboard
    liberation at the intersection of Adelaide and Lorne,
    only three blocks away from the London Police
    Headquarters. They undertook a wheatpasting operation
    to bring more truth to their client, ‘Wendy’s ‘Stack
    Attack’ advertisement. The word ‘stack’ was changed to
    ‘heart’ in order to point out the serious fact that
    fast food causes a massive amount of serious health
    problems in our society. An immediate and dramatic
    police response followed the action and within a
    minute several cruisers converged on the site of the
    public mind-space reclamation. Fortunately the action
    was thoroughly planned out and the activists all
    disappeared into the darkness of the night within
    seconds. The ad-bust stayed up during both rush hours
    today, January 23, 2008, and was not replaced until
    later on in the evening.